|Art of Love|


|Art of Love|





Paint my face with that pen

in mind

A smile that can be rewind

Wrap me with your hands

Just like a cloud holding sun

Give me your hand

I’ll give you my heart

Let exchange hearts beats

Forming a music on a hit

Making walls dance

While a night is given a chance

Deep down in oceans we sink 

to grab

the sand

To cover our feelings from the rain

When waves comes offer me wings

Offer me sirens

With your heart beat

Wipe my face like a car on rain

Drop a smile every second

Put my heart on your purse

To pay costs of love you feel

It allergic to many people

as it was formed for you

Just the art of love

Lend me your eyes to see my heart

I’ll offer you my ears for you

listen every voice inside 


Art of love your smile is my breakfast

lunch,supper rather dinner

Tell me you’re a love believer

Take your pen mark my hands

Give me your fingure so I can write my surname on it,

So I can offer you a bracelets of

truth,loyalty and caring

That all I’m giving

Let the love grow as I’ve sow your heart on my left side garden.

Art of love that our love


|Art of Love|


Poem by. |DaSoulstriker

Year. |20/3

Jozi Poet Art Work INC

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)



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