~Missing you~

~Missing you~




Today I just wish it was the beginning

But hey I’ve jumped off

My mind is still lefted behind

The hearts still yearning for the journey

How nice was it 

You and I cruising in that train

Holding hands tight like chain

Greeting everyone who wished to travel

But I guess it was that moment

And I wish I could extend my ticket

Yet my heart is dry like a tree over winter

Missing just you

The way called my name today I’m struggling to ask someone to do the same,

I know I messed up

And I was really asleep just for you to just off I waked up,

Just a physical alarm that bothers me

It has cost me happiness

Lefted so hopeless

Never the less I still wish to ride that train again,

Even when we enters the dark whole

You holded me knowing very well

There’s a brighter pole,

Just missing you my love

Same railway we used to ride on

I see some other passengers who look like us

And that makes me miss us and loose focus

Our break up has turned my life hell

Our love I call it train cause we were taking it slowly 

But destination was the station

But the two us just jumped off

I miss us no no I miss you

Cause with you there’s us

Without there’s no more us like this train needs two drivers,

I was the one and you were the chosen also

Missing you thinking of you


~Missing you~


Poem by. |DaSoulstriker

Year. |24•04•2013

Jozi Poet Art Work INC



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