Seems like you almost forgot

Yes I made a foul

Regardless treating you unfairly

Stripping you dressed

Burning you wet

Loss of a profit

Seems like a whistle has blown while I was enjoying game,

Without reconsider where I was standing,

Fighting battles of this year

Naked truth I wasn there for you when you needed me,

I was there when you didn wanted me,

Fire burns me to ashes

Wrap me with a silver plastic

Moan my mistakes and believe in me again,

Break chains

Unblock codes

Let the dot meet each dot

Forget that spot

Sinking in a water never knew to how swim,

I’ve removed the mask

And I’ve begin a new task

When dirty money comes home wash your hands,

2009 wasn a mistake

Either I wasn a blinked take

Buffeting memories

Searching theories

U’ll find me in your heart recently,

2009 that the year I met you

I still think of us




Poem by. DaSoulstriker

Year. 20/3

Jozi Poet Art Work INC

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)



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