~ Reaping~



A giant will never be free 

A giant is an enemy of none giants,

Hunts in yard find flies

Bushes you’ll find bucks

You got to deserve sun waves over your sweat,

Yet my heart is gasping over eternal,

Reading between the lines

I find it hard to understand

Ride the mind race with thoughts,

Win success as future button got press,

Mathematically divide past and add future,

Past pass with lessons and pain either gain.

Sleepless nights like an ant

With every load I excel

And count a seed

Subtract loss future I’m a boss,

Overdose hard-working

Sip wisdom and get drunk over peace,

Nightmares lottery fortune

God voice has spoken

And the step has been taken

Over a ladder I don’t panic

As I write future even pen lick

Page to page

Stage to stage

I’ll never turn my back over this garden

The fruits are ready to be eaten,

Enemies frown since they shaken

Status over a hand

Hard working allergic

Cause magic

I’ve paid a bill to success

Finally happiness




Poem by. DaSoulstriker

Year. 20/3

Jozi Poet Art Work INC

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)



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