~Once in a life time~

~Once in a life time~




Through all I’m through

Afterwards the crown

I bow thee

False never get to me easily

I’m so shy to speak lies

Too proud to spit wisdom

I raise my hands like rising sun

And here I say he is the one

I open my eyes like lightning

And I choose him wisely

He gave birth to those who still give birth,

He sacrificed for those who can’t sacrificed for themselves.

They serve the last generation

Through what existed before them,


Revelations you never ended

You never abonded anyone

Through dirty not forgetting your cleanliness,

Again I pose over this picture and I say 

Once in life there’s a man

Who never look at me as I am 

But he look at me as what I am gonna be,

You created wind remove evil whenever they chasing me

Today I’m still following your shadow,

Even in the absence of the sun

But I still hear the polite voice calling me son.

You gave and you still give us the days

Otherwise not forgetting the race is still on but nobody knows the finishing line.

Hang me through the line and allow me to come dry,

After you have washed my soul

Once in life time there’s a man who sees future over presence

Past over presence since it has been prepared future,

O Lord I praise you with thousands words

But in one mouth

I’ll listen to your thousand wills in two ears,

Look wise when I choose with two eyes,


~Once in life time~

Poem by. Bongani Shinga

Known as. DaSoulstriker

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)Image


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