Chasing flame

Chasing flame




Smoke from cigga

A gun pulled a Triga

Never the less it death

Loss of a health

From bottom to beyond

That where we started

Not forgetting we flirted

Today we’re three

Sitting under a shadow of a tree,

Chasing a flame

From where we came

My heart beat like a giant steps

More especial when I touch your hips,

The magnetic attachment between lips,

While we chasing fire flame

That where we belong

The tick of time we made it

Books and looks are cleared

And the same flame disappeared

Just like chasing a black cat over dark,

But my heart still bark

Behind a smile I pretend

From your cause you never attend,

I am lefted behind chasing flame

Over the wind

Trying to catch leaves of a tree

Broken bottle with wine through soil and it vanishes,

Through infinity I feel this

With a gun shot never targeted this,


Flame over the wind

Where did it came


Chasing flame

Poem by. Bongani V. Shinga

Known as. DaSoulstriker

Year. 07/05/2013

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)

Written by. B.V Shin ga


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