Jesus Piece

Jesus piece



Hell has turned to be a place called home,

Shouting they on fire

Jesus higher

Just like they never knew they have started burning as well.

His flesh

His blood

Over a cross they nailed him

But they didn slaughter him

So where did we end up finding his pieces

Heads over necks

It was painful if he knew we’ll be fool

Jesus pieces nowadays media tool

I know he died for the whole entire living humans

That why I chose wearing rosary with romans

If I had to honor his death

I was gonna put his face on the bank notes

Even on my flat screen let him play his role.

His words on my cell phone

Let his voice speak on my ring tone

Jumping bob wire

Just because we wanna be higher

On my veins I wear Jesus words and on my mind I let the crusification plays actions before I move on this position

But he wanted me to be free

I bow to my Jesus thee never the Jesus piece

But my Jesus peace

North east west and south

Amen than I close my mouth


Jesus piece


Poem by. Bongani V Shinga

Known as. DaSoulstriker

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)Image


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