Dancing into your lies

Dancing into your lies




I verified it your music

Guaranteed that you make sick

Seeking what belongs to someone else

Juicy words over your lips

You’ve made the universe believe

Some have realized

Some still baking cakes over oven

Yet it has been proven 

You guilty at the same time you filthy

They judge you as giant

How did giant got defeated from the first place,

Amongst his angels

Well to the one I praise I hand him bells

You have made industry

Through my fathers land

You’ve created shacks over mansion

Hired labours through and made them slaves,

Hold horns they never scary me at all

I’m dancing over Jesus music he is tall

Some of us have turned to be dogs over chain pulling them

Following your back but not seeing your face.

I’m done dancing into you lies

Since I’ve realize

Remember I know that you’re not living here longer so I won’t be part of you luggage,

Christ bless those who believe and still live in christ

Dancing into your lies no more

You on fire while the hell is still preparing your higher

By that time I’ll be raised up higher

And trust I’ll be already collected all Jesus pieces together

With him dancing together

Flying without feather


Dancing into your lies


Poem by. Benign V Shin ga

Known as. DaSoulstriker

Joni Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)


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