His words has spoken

His mouth has shaken

The grounds and mountains

Barely in mind he made it all

Prophecy have mercy

Thick words with their meaning

I don’t even need dictionary,

I can hear his voices on the playground

Shaking trees over degrees

O holly love well increase

Oil in my ears hearing this waves

Over ocean

Hand me a wine

So that I can sip well

His will last thousands and billions

Year by year 

Month by month

Day by day

Hour by hour

Minute by minute

I mean it

His prophecy

Have mercy

Second by second

His glory I second

Bible keep the record

Cereal over meal

I’ve ate over your meal still not starve

Guard me through all

Allow me stand tall

Prophecy have mercy

You’ve spoken mountains have shaken

Let me take your words like taking a pill over a meal,

Control me with your fingure point me any where you wanna send me

Feed my spirit with any of your powers

Send angels to guard me through night




Poem by. Bongani V Shinga

Known as. DaSoulstriker

Team Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Young Star Production

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)


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