~I need a baby~

~I need a baby~




My patiently has turned into impatient

Counting drops

Making prayers before taking dinner

Through comforts crossing figures

O Lord I need a baby

Such wills to be lefted for any

Riches by riches 

I’ve set up everything

All I’m asking for now is an offer

Waking up at night counting stars

Sitting over balcony watching moon dance

With my open hands begging

On my knees praying

Seems like I’m asking a jackpot while I have not dream numbers,

Categories being called at church even mine mentioned everyday,

But still I feel like it a delay

Snickers shoelaces tide

Day by day my wishes melt like an iceberg

O Lord I’m loosing faith

If I’ve sin right now I’m asking for forgiveness

Since a baby is my happiness

Garden prepared yet it not giving fruits

Through my prayers I’ve lost signal

Like a loss of frequent meter over a radio

I’m loosing it

yet still choosing it

Either I kick it nor eat it

Switches trip while I’m trying to smile for future

Dear Lord I need a baby

Abortions, take action and put it into my position

Please fill my application

I need a baby I’ve passed sewerages over ages

Kids stuck inside their souls not resting

How I wish one day my chest could cuddle one


~I need a baby~


Poem by. |Bongani V Shinga

Known as. |DaSoulstriker

Team|Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)



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