|Keep on moving|

Keep on moving



It a train on the move

Passengers is our dreams

Reasoning our talents

The head over the tail

Keep on moving

As we young stars

Holding nights to be seen on the morning,

It all well now 

On what we are gifted on

Than let the light switch on

Gabriel dancing over the train motion,

Piras singing over the sleepless on the passengers in the train,

Here I say keep on moving young stars,

Cooking talents on a hottest pan

Flames over nation wide as we streetwise,

Mthibos holding the horns over the electrical figure of the train,

Chillis is on fire railways dancing counting stones over way,

Poetry holly thee

I am standing with a pen and paper as a ticket examer,

Through wisdom I tick and stamp with metaphors,

Keep on moving young stars

Elihle styling afro pop we on scene his voice telling those who standing in platforms the directions here he performs,

Amongst other brothers and sisters I named them

Holding hands touching heart over anthem.

Yes this is now or never keep on moving young stars

The train is on motion

I am DaSoulstriker the pass anger

To the passenger

“Keep on moving”


Poem by. Bongani V Shinga

Known as. DaSoulstriker

Young Star Production

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)

Team Jozi Poet Art Work Inc


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