Success is my target

Failure is not my choice

I step in stop without aiming to fall

Still I learn from what you taught

Really I didn know what you thought

You were mother by that time

And I was child of a crime

Today I am a father of family

With my son to teach from memories

Still I cry over your picture

Your head is on my left side

Whether you shouted

But still I’ve crowned you through memories,

The love that swept my feet off

That I could not compare to a flowing river since your never became dry during winter,

The drops of your tears over daddies absence

Became a curse over my step

Still I climb without comparing myself to a stranger,

You always Mary J Blige became stronger,

Memories counts a lot to my life

Granny did well after you passed away

More than any child I complain like a labour over salary,

But to be treated like a child is all she fought for 

I am the man now for sure

Memories of my mother still remain on an album




Poem by. Bongani V Shinga

Known as. DaSoulstriker

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)


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