~Set my soul free~

~Set my soul free~




You and I the combination of sweet

Yearning for the fruit

Like Adam and Eva

Yet we’ll last forever

I’m water on my own

And you’re formed in juice

Dilute yourself with me

Let form sweet and drink to that

I know you thirsty for me

While I’m really into you

Pass me the glass with you inside

So that I can sip your skin

The taste of your skin 

You’re accompanied by bees

No wonder you taste like honey

Your heart beat is the sound of the bees

Set my soul free

I’ve learn from my mistakes

that why I kept them

Like a bread you slice me 

While I can’t offer crumbs

Hold my back

I’ll hold our future yet you got the key

Come set my soul free

With your love come fence my whole heart

Offer electrical so that they can’t touch us

Remind me always how much you love me

Offer me happiness through shelter become


Call man dogs I’ll never woof woof

Searching another bone that not

gonna happen

As I’ve fallen

Set my soul free

Offering sunshine in my skin

Till you remove this chicken skin from cold

I’m a pipe become water run through me

My vision is clear like day dreaming


~Set my soul free~


Poem by. |Bongani V Shinga

Known as. |DaSoulstriker

Team|Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)


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