They say tears doesn really fall,

They can wet pillow when they drip

But they’ll never fall that a call

Moment by moment

I’ve done wrong cruel

Stolen everything from you

Mind you I didn thought you’ll wake up

And while you did it came as a shock

Speaking from the old you

and the recent out of the blew,

Like a wind removing the house roof

You left me biting nails

While I couldn shake my tail

If only one chance could be given to

me I promise commitment,

Just like water on tap you flow nicely

Yet without you I can’t drink over 

your beauty,

Winter dried the river

Every piece of stone is seen

I didn mean it come back to me

I’ve swept the house for you to

meet me clean

no pain

no tears

no silly sms’s

I will be a man to be proud of

I was really asleep and when I wake up you

were no where to be found,

Answering my calls is a curse

Do you really hate me?




Poem by. Bongani Vincent Shinga

Known as. DaSoulstriker

Team | Jozi Poet Art Work International

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)


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