Image~Ghetto poet~


Life of thugs around me 

My vision sinking like a titanic 

As much I look outside the window 

I see starvation through words and sorrow

Still I beg the create of a creature 

Who can see the future as he picture 

God come save my words 

From the ghetto place that I live on 

Illusion over confusion 

Still I wish to step aside

But I’m a shaking ground devil can’t stand on me 

As the wind blows my shelter shakes

Ghetto poet with a vision 

Population step aside from my thousand words to build this community,

Jumping electrical extensions wrapped with plastics 

Still I survive 

A president is like a dream over night they serve over distance living with no chance 

But still I climb the ladder so harder 

Without jumping like a grasshopper

Wanna shine over leaves like a butterfly momma will never cry as much as I try 

From the ghetto I forget step my foot to the path 

Reminacing past that never last 

In my freeway like a truck loaded I’m loaded over vision that needs to be certified.

On the sideline wanna be on the game

my chance will come to strike through

Life of ghetto poet with a vision 

But still I search without signal 

Hope of survival 

I am a star around ghetto whenever I go

Knocking to success still I wait on the door 

Maybe tomorrow I won’t let go 

Imma ghetto poet with a mission in hand and a vision in mind 

Next generation wanna be like me their pants falls like mine

They hail on me when I pass hope they will moan when pass away since I’ve pave the railway 

don’t throw stones on me 


~Ghetto poet~

Poem by. DaSoulstriker 

Year. 20\13

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc 

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)



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