I’m a prisoner

With an army in hand

Killed everyone no one is lefted behind

Metaphors,personification those are

my actions

I’m a murder

Everybody knows even my mother

I was arrested in 2005

But still it cost life

With my pen in hand I cut the

paper like it knife,

To Devil I’m a curse 

On God angels as I speak I bless

I was sent by Jehova

To preach this till the world is over

Drive my mouth like a range rover

I don’t write to be liked

But I write what I hike

Overtime writing till my fingure bent

Yes,I’m a monster

With words and I I’m the master

Just like a cooker I run the food over pot

till the words is ready to be





to be


Those angels who have fallen

I’ve beaten them till they swollen

I am murder serving life in prison

Words must be the reason




Poem by. DaSoulstriker

Year. 20\13

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)


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