Pulling a rope

Without loosing hope

Energy over my hills

Still I don’t step back

Graduation ahead

Yet scars for evidence

Either been given a chance

Just fell from the slippy place

I pray to win this case

And I know I been gone

You don’t bother to answer your phone

It bothering to hear your ring tone

I’m a change man inside here

Never hurt you stop fear,

Close to step into the key

After that I would be free

Been gone I just thought I could

write you this letter

To see if I’m still welcome into your


I know I been stealing from you like


Prison have built me from foundation to graduation

First month when I entered here you used to send me our son pictures.

How about a letter with stickers?

Nothing no more

I been told that I’m gonna be soon out by parole

And I’m willing to come out and play my role

I learnt a lot here knowledge I’m pushing with a trawl

Soon as you find this letter hope you’ll call

I know I been gone




Poem by. |DaSoulstriker

Year. |20\13-05-21

Jozi Poet Art Work|Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)Image


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