Questions against other

I thought we in this together

Now I am just a missing word

over puzzle.

Sitting on a dry river stone

Waiting for a rain

Hoping that it might happen again

Surrounded by bushes

Busy collecting small stones

Throwing them away one by one

Monkies over branches

My heart beat on a slow pace

Beaten severely

Yet I still wish to fight

Walking on a sea sand

As wind blows it on sandals

Waves counts on me when the water

comes near me,

I’m just lost in a shell of love

Trying to capitalise time

But still the sun shines deam

Over a year now waiting for the rain

in this dry river,

I can’t survive

So the pain has arrive

Nobody sees through

Cause I pretend when I greet

I wish I could find a way back home

The pride kills me I don’t even ask

for directions,

To those who been there done that

If I could I would find a way back

Speaking with my dry mouth

Determing hunger

No map to the love

Lost still searching above

Yes I’m breathing with a whole

where you stubbed me




Poem by. |DaSoulstriker

Year. |20/13

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)


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