~I need you back~





I’ve lost my ID

And no were to hide

Spark less over this dew

Women’s like you are few

Thirsty for your words

Hungry for you comfort

You made me a king to walk

on your carpet,

Suffering heart from missing you

It has become something new

My trembling as I am dehydrated

And my pillows suffered

I need you back

Even if your body is dead

Life is shut by cartain

All I need is better pattern

Remember those days I used lift you up

We were like kids

Well everybody got bad deeds

I know I deserve another chance

I’ll never do you wrong I appeal in God presence.

I need you back

You called me sweetheart

Even when things hard

No no I need you back


~I need you back~

PO3M BY|DaSoulstriker

Y3AR |20|3



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