~Love makin ignition~

~Love Making Ignition~





Fire rescue

Bodies stuck together

A moment where saliva drops like

an open tap,

Touching all over even my lap

Your skin is so smooth

Wish I could just bite you with teeth

Crying like you been scourge

Doing even on the bed edge

Whispering “here’s my body I pledge”

Living marks on your neck coloured scarlet,

Throwing the stick all over

Hidding your face with bed cover

Just wanna make you forget all this satyr,

In my garden be my sunflower

Grow in my skin as we begin

Loosing you after this moment I don’t imagine,

Bed is on fire flames from this ignition

Sweating all over the body

Maybe the flame will turn us black

Closer to the fridge looking for a cold steam,

By that time you scream

Ignition through friction all over position, 

Floors judge table become lodge

We on fire need water

As soon as we finish later,

Just a sanction through this ignition

Face pillows face walls phone ring we don’t answer calls,

On the floor breaking as we fall,

Love making ignition hold me

Taste the good of my salami,

Fire we on fire sheets burning.

O,one moment to another

Yeah we belong together

Flying without wings

Let me be the number one on this royal kings,

Leaves you shaking but begging


~Love Making Ignition~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year |07|06|2013

Jozi Poet|Art Work Inc



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