~I had a dream~

~I had a dream~Part 1




A novel that is not written

 Stars that are hidden

A pleasure of sunshine that was forbidden,

Qualified leader

Fallen from writing to please the pain

Expressing conscious and lead soul on right direction,

Gps is on the paper and pen

Words that I hatch by heart are written

DaSoulstriker was the name

Changing world was the aim

His name is written on each every star

Dating poetry from 2005 till now so far,

He grew up crying in the back yard

Met pen and paper for a way forward

Peace to all was a reward.

He was never Madiba but he fought for his freedom,

Metaphors designed his life

Semile control his ground

Irony was the best thing he uses on action,

I had a dream a writer with ambition

His mother used to read Shakespear poems

That moment she was pregnant to the hero

Yes,I had this dream before I was born

Walking without shoes for I didn care for thorn,

Born by patience to become a conquer

So it all came from iNtombenhle the mother,

Who never misses the steps in the ladder

O,yes I had a dream to free Africa

To speak the release of South Africa,Ghana,Nigeria,Botswana,Zimbabwe,Kenya,Uganda,Swaziland

That moment Mandela was still in robben-island

So I had a dream now am awake living the dream

Ground rules set by Steve Biko

I didn care even if I use ghetto lingo

Now I sit down with pen and set the magic in mind

If you forgot I’ll remind

I said I had a dream


~I had a dream~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year |20|3

Jozi Poet|Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)


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