I’m on my own

~Im on my own~





Separate ways

Success delays

He never care

Life is such unfair

Fair well to that faith

I assume it too late

Barking like a dog

But you don’t respond

I bury my faith like how you did to mom

Others lives better with charm

Always in danger

Why life always on anger

My hands are empty

I’ve even lose sympathy

I melt tears more than candle

Harder it gets I fail to handle

I wanna pull a tricker

Well I was never a winner

It always cold more than winter

Good things passes me,don’t you hear me or come near.

Invisible means absence at least I gave it a chance,

To make ends meet 

But end up stepping in shit

Never wash my mouth anymore

Troubles weight more than a kilo

But I’m rated as zero fuck life

I rather be on my own

This is written on my phone

Fuck God that my ring tone

You were hanged died you never exist

Same door yesterday I exit,

Walk my walk talk my talk fuck God


~Im on my own~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year |20|3

Jozi Poet|Art Work Inc


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