Darkness star 

I can be seen far

I’m connected to the people more than nokia,

I climb walls

At night I’m a deceiver that calls

Prayers get thrown but never catched

Leading by media most brainwashed

Spare me your ears I wanna whisper

Devil in mask as light flicker

I lead by horns I spill blood

Ace when I choose to play card

333 I’m half evil mentioned

Speedy more than you can control

And I’m not promising to fall

Determination of anger is death

Those who quits always fed

Blood shed eye lead

Disasters world earthquakes

As my soul shakes

With blood I conquer

More than I can seek follower

Never sleep night never skip

333 I’m half evil

I run the planet



Poem by|DaSoulstriker666

Year |20|3

Jozi Poet |Art Work Inc



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