His flesh was buried

But his victory is still carried

The mystery of being born 

And worse come from your death

But still drive on your path,

18 December I still remember

He was an anti-apartheid member

Black consciousness was also established

His book in shelves were published,

September 12 most live curve

For the life line he served

Steve Biko the man I won’t let go

He opened the front door

The victory of blacks on the floor

Your soul still lives amongst us

71years soul living

But we live moaning and humbling

A warrior who never became a worrier.

But once worried for me to be free,

Before back kiss the world was given a key

1942 the hero was born

1977 he lefted the throne

Steve Biko the world always pay respect on you

End of this poem I hope it will always stays new.

71years your flesh has been buried

We miss you otherwise a black man was never gonna be worried



Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year |20|3

Jozi Poet|Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)

YSP”Keep on moving”Image


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