A chance I didn get


~A chance I did not get~






One big chance I didn get,one man I didn met,

To provide me courage 

From young age to old age,missing lessons by one person

A father I didn meet

From a mother who didn cheat

Same goes to me all I’m doing is repeat

From fathers mistakes

I wish I could escape

Form a new deed from a son I feed

All they say it generational curse

Pray all the night for Lord to bless,

A man who didn send me to school 

To go and get life living tool,feeds me words over spoon

To become a better tycoon as I roll on the moon,

All I wanted is him to take me to school fetch me from school

Rub my shoulders when times are bad

Tell me all will exceed as he lead,

Teach me how protect a women but how from the same man,

Dumped the same mother to climb his own ladder,

What to tell my own kids?

Tell them their grandpa was stupid?

All I wanted is a man who can shout when I’m doing wrong,

But to realize that it took me so long

A man who can slap my cheek for the truth to speak.

Buy me clothes on a Christmas

Come home early to be with us

Didn have none or rather someone

Some mistakes I’ve fallen from you were gonna lead me before them

But where was that father I can claim

A chance I didn get

A shouting voice to become alert.


~A chance I did not get~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year |20|3

Jozi Poet|Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)

YSP”Keep on moving”


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