~I Love You~

~I love you~






The lady of joy

I always pray you stay

Since we met you never betrayed me

Even when they’re falling for you my homie

But you always said you mine only,

If I could ever loose you I’ll turn dumb

With no sight to the champ

More than I praise me

You never erase me

8years we been dating

So many guys busy flirting

As you remain in my heart

I always smile when think of where we started

I was and still a champion

Combined by companion

You promised to keep me happy

Never let anything go steady

You’re my dreams my vision my mission

No women to be compared

Leaving you I always scared,

Women of words in souls

Brought peace

Joy increase

To that women I met long ago

I’ll never let another women enter your door

I dumped everything to be something,

More than a bluetooth we’re the connected device,

For you I always advice






Yearning souls

Women of my soul I love you Poetry


~I Love You~

Poem by|DaSoulstrikerKush

Year. |20|3

Jozi Poet|Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)

Young Star ProductionImage


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