I’m on my ground

Touching the sky

Moon on my hands

I’m a star on my snaps

On the sit of well doing

I bet to be a king,

A rain on my way up

Diversity I’ve seen the lamb

Cruzing with my spirit

Prayer is part of my ticket

I’ve lefted the world 

To look for some words

On God island

My pocket is empty

Rich where I’m going lately

I don’t get lost my eyes on a map

Sight straight up without giving a gap

The sound of the thunder kept me wonder

Elevating with words

Going for shopping souls starve

I can fly more than a dove,

Meeting Devil on my up and he’s going down

His words tried threaten

But I was on a way to the throne

Sweating oceans speaking waves

Where there’s a heat there’s fire

That the part I took while I rise up higher

Peace,love,loyalty was on my budget

Chasing a white horse as I bet

I’m gonna meets angels on bus stop waiting while singing hallelujah,

Driving my spirit without a car heaven is still far,

I was never shy at all when I wanna climb tall as soon as my God make a call demons will fall

I’m elevating with words that where I can see souls stands

I feared no eagle on my flight

Owls on the blacks like a plastic of kite more than a cat at night my eyes began to shine bright I was ready to take any fight,

I’ll come back with a HIV cure as soon as I enter heavens door

Beg respect for the youth as soon as I tell my God the truth that I’ve sin over a forbidden fruit,

I been in a garden waiting someone to save me as an angel,

Elevating words like the smoke of cigarette my mouth is on fire as I spit I’m no more a kid diving in on a highest speed,

I wanna hang there looking down as I care

Flash lights at night on my way up that was lucky star seems like I’m no longer far.

Plane crush the sky is open as I push elevating I’m on my kush.

I’m no more on a wine on Heavens waiting line

On my nike sneaker that why I just do it

My knees on his throne I bow on toes today I’m so close,

Heavenly speaking grounds shaking

Hands up praising I can see them waiting like a flame on wind their prayers fade.

Singing hallelujah hallelujah trying so hard to escape.

Out of the body seeking Heaven holy spirit craving.

Elevating words to save the nation



Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year. |20|3

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)

Young Star Prod-


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