Slice of cheese


~Slice of cheese~



Allow our love take a flight,

Allow our love take elevator more than a smoke flame,

Don’t allow the wind move us so quickly more than a kite

Carry me with your soft hand

Speaking the language of love that I understand

Misuse lust get use love

Drop doubts carry my loyalty

Let me be a king as we begin

I can feel your love as it entering

Sirens of industries as we work love

Rise from the north to the south,

Breath more than a wind can blow trees

One night a day let it increase,

Our graph is taking a sky

My slice of cheese provide health

Offer me the strength to stand stronger

Be the food that I digest

Pass all challenges as go through test

Strike the skies with your fist

Defeat my Goliaths which is anger

Feed me more than I can starve from hunger,

Striker my soul like a lightning with thunder

Run through my immune

Race on my spinal cord

Promise me u’ll get bored,

When birds sings let dance under the shadow

Wipe my dry so I’ll no more cry

Open my eyes every morning by calling rather touch

Planning future sitting on a couch

Stare me always as our love keep us hypnotized

Enemies shouts over and some criticized

When my eyes be on display wallpaper that doesn fade,

Dreams vision let just trade

My slice of cheese provide health

Offer me the strength to stand stronger

Be the food that I digest

Let run a business of love 

And make a profit of higher feelings

Block my heart with your true love

Unblock old memories by good memories password

Strike my feelings with a sharp sword,

You throwed me to the edge of love and that where I fallen into your hands,

Slice of cheese

Let our love increase

A star that doesn need dark to be recognize

My slice of cheese you provide me health through veins

That comes on my face with a smile


~Slice of cheese~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year. |20|3

Jozi Poet|Art Work Inc

Pneumarella Society of Art (PSA)

Young Star Prod-

Follow twitter:@DaSoulstriker 

Dedication to Snenhlanhla ‘Slice of cheese’ Zulu


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