Court at night

~Court at night~







Where I can connect the cables

Where can I make disable to stable

Wheels chairs who cares,

Street kids on my streets what fare

I slept naked with one eye open

Daddy is no where mommy somewhere in heaven

Food parcels offered it hard to believe I’m an


Talent is dien inside me

Brilliant has fallen aside hill

Elbows turned into pillows

T-shirt or rather shirt is my blanket

The clothes I came with they are out my closet

Life crucified me

Court at night that cold in streets throwing some questions and leaders throw accusations,

Every bin is the table prepared eating everywhere I’m no longer scared,

Filthy draws attention through my cologne nobody wanna pass by

Who knows this is a street life style

Sunset find me here waiting for it warm as the morning come,

It disappearance cause pain and chill through my skin,

Stories have been said not knowing what we going through

Even if it lies they all believe it true

We never lefted home because of misbehavior

But we lefted home because there was no one ahead as a savior,

Jailed to poverty sentenced to street kid

After a court at night some of us always fight

Break bottles stub each other but I always make friends who we always stuck together,

I know my appearance is for a gangster

Answers when we ask hands some offer some don’t it depends,

Court at night is cold,hunger,street fights,crime

Which it turn to be us suspects as it happens in our time,

In the deam of sunshine Lord my life shall ends here I’m done for the machine please unplug,

Imma street kid smoking and I lost my calling

Court at night jailed me to hunger and sentenced me to a stranger towards myself


~Court at night~

Poem by|DaSoulstrikerShlomo

Year |20|3

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc


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