Dear anonymous father

~Dear Anonymous father~






Dear anonymous

Writing as I’m curious

Hoping you enjoying well your labor

Never thought you could be a mentor

But running away make you anymore,

Dressed in my everyday clothes which is tears decorated with pain,

I’m sorry I just grew up and realize you never wanted me,

As for my mama she should have noticed you early,

Driving your mind away living me with no address

Really you didn wanted to see growing I guess,

Blazing with pain everyday wear your reflection 

But I don’t wanna play your position

Kids get excited when it comes to their birthday,

As for me you always grief sinking into my death day

Well in that set accident you and mom made I didn die

I’ve tried to put you behind bars but as for my story they couldn buy

Right here in the streets begging cents with my tin

You always pass and do more than cursing something I was not expecting

Right here in this corner cuddling the bottle of juice with something that makes me forget all the pain

By abandoning me really what did you gain

For the I’m living mean I’ve fail

You buried my dreams and resurrected my something I never wanted to become,

Questions if you didn wanted me why you didn you condom,

All I can say we’ll meet in paradise with my well washed soul

With this dirty flesh it gonna be buried in the dust

Remember money and fame will never last.

I’m not cursing you but it for the best for you to enjoy

For those kids you love more me let hope God doesn end joy

Dear father who never make sense in my living

Anonymously never met even the clothes in my wardrobe

Everyday is just a rain and my parade is becoming more slippery,

Let hope as part amount of those who are suffering poverty,president will never murder me and I wish you never mommy,


~Dear Anonymous father~

POEM BY|DaSoulstrikerShloma

YEAR |20|3



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