~A poison in the cup~

[Based on True Story]





Tea cup made

Breathing fade

Sounds came from the cloud

As she was fallen into her back

And her heart was about to stop beating,

Booooom booom boom boo bo bb……(Ends)

Like a slaughtered cow she had a cup in hand and quickly fallen down,

That day I hated it,morning turned into dawn,

Kids crying around me tried to cheer them

But it was bigger than my hand to hold them all

She was the only head lefted in the house

Always smile never heard her shout or scream loud,

Dedicated in raising her kids with such self esteem,

She was one of those women with dreams

It a pain to see those dream vanish as she’s dead

Everyone thought I was gonna loose my breath but I tried to build the strength,

She coloured my mind with a step forward just a women who deserves a reward

But how when she was poisoned by family

Who ever did it didn matter to me

Why they did it that kills me

She lefted two sons and one daughter

A well build house in order

As I see a her soul leaving the body I wanted to stop her from death she was my mentor

But I couldn close that door

Like ants preparing their winter family took her property as soon her corpse was delivered in the cemetery,

No one cared about respect but all kids said they rejected

They celebrated what they were always wanted and expected.

Poison in the cup her breathing stop

Like a pizza delivered family celebrated through kids tears and frustration.



~Poison in the cup~

Poem by|DaSoulstrikerShlomo

Year |20|3

Jozi Poet Art Work Inc


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