There’s a violence in my township

~There’s a violence in my township~






Ambulance flashlights

More than a blackberry alert lights

There’s shot body found in streets

There’s no evidence found General of the SAPS speaks,

They dumped the body where we play as kids,

When I wake up every morning I’m dressed in rosary cross more than a sign of an ambulance,

Killing and stealing is what they use as their talent,

I’m a star more than paramedics clothes

Guns and drugs in my township controls,

There’s no peace but there’s broken window piece,

Standing with your girlfriend in the street get killed as you were about to kiss,

Announcement there’s a missing gun

Watching news police get shot with the same weapon in return,

When my son is playing outside I always go and check him

They smoke hard and their mind melt like I cream,

You don’t stand in court and bring evidence

Unless you wanna sing Luther Vandross the dance

Old age women always get raped 

But charges always get dropped

There’s a violence in my township

We sink from the blood while we not vampire

I thought it was all done from Messiah

Drug dealing is business

There’s a stubbed brother in hospital while I found a busy nurse

On friday I’m always on side road like a breakdown

Brothers drink so hard so I’ve to carry them

Mob justice was never a solution when cops came took him away

Opening a case there’s a always a delay

Same police station most wanted images in display.

We always run even when there’s no one chasing us

Our cell phones got stolen we don’t chase them cause they shoot

At night we don’t cross the road cause a gun might face you.

There’s a violence in my township I always deliver prayers as walk

Who do I think I am I had them talk

Do I die for my dream?

Do I’ve to let them take what I believe?

Really there’s a violence in my township

They always dig our pockets even when there’s not hidden gold

This streets violence and cold


~There’s a violence in my township~

Poem by|DaSoulstrikerShlomo

Year |20|3



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