There’s always tomorrow

~There’s always tomorrow~









This poem is my tombstone

A song in a lowest tune,

A radio message hoping you hear me

It been months now im lonely

It not Akon but remember with this pain im convicted.

My prison mates they wish to die from this prison cause love is the reason,

But from that corner to that spot you will always amazing

Like buttered bread my heart is filled with your love

And i always hope there’s tomorrow and you’ll come 

Birds fly to feed but from this mile to that mile waiting and believe

Living high but still it rains on me in this sky,

Stubbed into death and i’ve fallen to love

Seems like the pictures i painted they’ll never get touched by hands

They always appear when my eyes closed

I cant touch them but still i look at them

I see those times we had together

For me once in life time i will always remember,

Cell phones get to be formatted but my mind was never be corrupted ever since you existed

25th December still i wonder up until today im always on a counter,

There’s always tomorrow and i pray you enter to that door,

In that moment i’ll hug you through flesh and soul

Through in through out as well warmth and cold

So many paperplanes sents but seems like the wind is against my direction

They end up in crush before they find the position,

I’ve sent paper boat but they are not strong enough to resist water

They are written your name to each and every corner

Always top up just to speak with God hoping my prayers finds him

And you return back as he bless me

Like i said im still waiting since there’s still tomorrow

Time is still on my side even when it rain on me water resisted

Dressed in pain make up into tears

Vows still remain from that marriage with children



~There’s always tomorrow~

Poem by|DaSoulstrikerShlomo

Year |20|3

Twelve Apostles Church in Christ(TACC)

Igcina Production



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