Take me to the place

~Take me to the place~




Take me the place where diamonds are hidden,

Take me some where distance

To that a country of poverty through love I wanna provide.

To that place with big bushes I wanna hide

Sounds of the guns kids run

Take me the place of rest

To the place where I’ll get blessings not curse,

The place of rhythm of your heart beat

In a normal motion not a speed

Take me into your heart I wanna rule

With dozen of feelings to defeat bullies

Take me to the election of love where your sight can vote,

President providing that my role

Hide to your place where I’ll nolonger hit the boarder to lust,

Take me to your life where I can stop bomb bust,

Roses,cologne,smile,kisses,caring,loving,love making

This is what I promise if ever you allow me to stay.

Take me as I am cause I’ve fallen

Swim into your love like fishes in the sea.

Let write our history in this heart page

Let put our feelings behind bars to sentence them to love.

Take me please beautiful women take me into your heart

In your life I wanna play a biggest part

Take me to that heart music where love songs are made in happiness and excitement and commitment.

All I’m asking for is you to love me

Put pains and sufferings behind in the past,

Take me to the heaven of God art

The place of unresting love making kissing and cuddling,

Until we reach the dresses of vows and I promise to keep my culture to bring cows

Take to the garden of Eden you be my Eva and I’ll be Adam

Let create this Genesis I will be reading love verses,

Take me to the place where I can be a slave love in behave.

 Take me to the judgement day I know we’ll always in love as we remain

Take me to the marriage in front of Jesus Christ,

Making vows and promising to stick to your path

Take me back on size four so that blessings shall enter my door,



~Take me to the place~

Poem by|DaSoulstrikerShlomo

Year |20|3

Twelve Apostles Church in Christ(TACC)

Igcina Production



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