~I miss you now~





This poem a reminder,

First verse was always there

It was always heavy like you murdered me

I wish I should have died early

Riding same journey no improvement in muscles,

Pains is most obstacle

Definition written on my face

From current and old days

Fighting without fist

Lips sealed always expecting a kiss

No gun pointed but always freeze,

Where did I go wrong

Show me a better direction

I miss you now next minutes the hour follow still I do miss you,

It always in the box like something brand new

Betrayed feelings tears I cried

Screaming out loud

I always expecting you more than a rain in my garden,

Since I’m part of the soil you lefted me fallen hurt and swollen.

Hugging pillows kissing air

You never near to be here

Biggest bed turned into a yard I could sleep the whole part.

But always lefted a space for you like I did in my heart.

It was a biggest challenge passing this love college.

Miles away still I dream a lot about you I wish you knew.

I really miss you 


~I miss you now~

POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR |20|3




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