Like dice

~Like dice~




Through your hands

Let this never fade

Hold me and guess

Your hands together expecting to be blessed,

Like a dice carry this gift of love

Tomorrow today even now

I can provide wings when you need to fly,

Strong shoulders for you to cry

Truthfully when you expect lie,


Provide me

Give me something they I was never given from the past,

Prepared table you can play your card

Tell me you’ll never leave

As you always gonna breath

Take me to galaxies

Put your picture in the front page magazine,

Seek me like that name on the puzzle

Put a light on me more than a romantic candle,


Put me into your left hand I wanna heart the steps of heart beat.

Hold hold as you squeeze

Sweat into your fingers

Like a dice hold me in your hands

Under sunset let set our dreams

Let throw the past in this flowing river

Wash our faces to begin our new us

Deliver me in garden of Eden

Where we both make Adam and Eva

Set our own revelations into new generation

Hit my back like a jockey on the horse

Provide me water more than a garden rose.


Tell me one thing this is us 

Than hold me like a dice

And I shall bring the price

Through this heart of mine the state has given you site please build your own house inside here,

I just wanna always find you near

Let collect sea sand maybe we can build our own ocean,

Through our daily sweating to this love position.

Yeah baby this us not anyone let make our path

And I’ll always make sure I play my part

This broken years let collect pieces

As well fight temptations

I know a good relationship always fall under accusations.

Make sure you hold like dice



~Like dice~

POEM BY|DaSoulstrikerShlomo

YEAR |20|3




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