My Desire

~My desire~








The moon that kept me waiting whole night

As I fight bed times

But there is always this moment that unlock my memories

Your my smile enlarge the world I walk in

Your foot steps breaks rock of ages

Twisting my feelings into a rain into a garden as they fell upon love.

Eyes turned into a pen when they write memories into my open space mind.

Troubled into endless dreams young me and you has turned into sun over seed in the soil.

From the fist striking walls just to find doors to enter where we both can hide

A crown to a queen bowing into my throne accepting my love responsibilities.

Once believed in us and turned into a slave of feelings

Your smile over a rose that a bee came and steal it sweetness to create honey

Chocolate skin taste of spring as I sip into your longing heart love.

Like a sun over mountains in winter see me melting from iceberg.

Waters in a rose that how your touch fall upon my skin that made into dust and I turn into a mud soil.

Fortunes and crown while castles stand steel stimulation of spider strategy to become winners on this love web.

Just catch up feelings and feed to love

Planted by the river where the roots of this always envy water,

Breast feeded into your love and filled into your language like growing human

An always burning in hell love never drop down 

Diamonds and dollars can not purchase this heaven commitment.

A wood bracelet and lion skin necklace to show how we have hunted through this love,

Injected into a snake poison that how your love makes me feel into my skeleton.


~My desire~

POEM BY|DaSoulstrikerShlomo

YEAR |20|3



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