~I am from~





I am 24years old

Durban is where I am from

Poetry writing filling the form,

The place where chicks where mini skirts

Teen pregnancy in a highest speed

Sex is always on menu

If you don’t have a child neither virgin you feel isolated

Friday is for celebration without winning

Meats over braai as well beer and wine,

I am from the place of rape

Mama moan in a loss and shame

Where sun always destroy roses

My race turned into a horse ride by white jockey

Always expect peace in a place called holy

Policeman committed into crime

Ambulances doesn come in time

Street kids rob us early in the morning

Get killed if you don’t know me

Stolen cars race and kill kids

If you don’t smoke/drink you’re stupid

I said I am from

A place where I’ll never stand tall

Get robbed when everyone see

They all drunk seems like it was party

As a mouse we run from foot steps

Since we don’t know who is next

Bank slips are not thrown any how

Cause your cellphone report right now

Looking for safe place cause it always rain

They all died even those of my age

Rather leave here than living near

Waves making noise a night always spoil

We even struggle to swim cause we running away from that shark.

Booze and have sex when everyone sees in the park

Remember I said I’m from a place



~I am from~

POEM BY|DaSoulstrikerShlomo

YEAR |20|3




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