~Give me the mic~






There’s a story untold

There’s a face seems to be unknown

There’s a song that have not played in my cell phone,

There’s a silence in her pain

Give me the mic so that I can deliver

Give the space in labour ward since I am a conceiver,

There’s a baby inside me who wanna visit the world

Let those fingures snap after listening those words,

Give me a pen so that I can write Madiba a letter

There’s a pain and wound behind a pretender

Weapons prepared I can not surrender

I said give me the mic

Switch on every light

I wanna see everyone’s face even I can not see their pain because they pretend to be happy while they are in pain,

Give me a stage I wanna call out that mama who slept crying

And wake up in the same morning still in pain but denying,

Give me the mic

I wanna tell Jesus Christ that he was stronger to face such pain

I have seen it aint easy to live in peoples judgment

He’ll never return that my new commandment.

There’s a wound inside me if only they can give the mic

I want them to see that we all got wounds it just we don’t show each other

Give me the mic I want to tell my partner that we need to work together

Lastly give me the mic because it my calling

I was born with a talent in hand plus a gift in mind micro phone was there that why I cried louder for mama to hear how loud I spit

Today I am man with this mic I’m no longer a kid

So give me what belongs to me

If only this mic can make mama return from her death

At least let me speak in this mic and tell her that my voice will never be hold

Give me give me hurry

Give me the mic

The world got to know when you speak the truth

Cause they say truth hurts so let them be hurt for that moment of time

We all know that truth was never a crime

Hand me the mic




~Give me the mic~

Poem by|DaSoulstrikershlomo

Year |20|3




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