Get well

~Get well~











You can climb

Pains everywhere as she cry

As she loose balance

I even doubt the beat of a her pulse,

She looks at me and I can see every pain in her eyes.

She really needs a doctor I realize


I can not feel your pain but I can understand what you going through

I’m afraid as she hold on to me steady plus body shaking.

She is on a dance without being heartily committed.

What if?

O Lord I don’t wanna even think of that

All I’m asking for is you to relax


I drink so hard smoke so hard

Trying so hard to forget

But I can’t loose what I saw

I really didn know,

If you owe someone how much will you pay for that sickness

Striked on a rock yet still spark less

Could I be warm to run over your body when you say you feel cold,

Stuck on your body like a fragrance.


I wish the sky can open up so that I can enter

Just to choose one verse

Cause you really don’t deserve,

Get well soon from that sickness

Could I be your medicine as we seek nurse.

If it crime can someone forgive

She has conceived now the sickness is the only baby she can give birth.


Sleeping at my back as I think so hard

A roof turns into a blanket that I can hide in.

But still there’s a pain within

Non stop beating but it melts little bit

I moan instead of crying hard like a kid

Get well soon

Even when I saw a shooting star I just made a wish GET WELL SOON

Let yesterday pass and today comes cool.

A naked eye seeing your pain mind dress into emotions.

Undressing the heart that it will all pass

GET WELL and find place to let go that pain.

And shall all be reborn in God name




Dedication|Snenhlanhla Zulu

Poem by |DaSoulstrikershlomo

Year |20|3



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