Breath Judgment









If I can take the sunshine into the centre of the world….

Maybe you were gonna listen to my words,

Telling my story everyone tell me to relax

…….Lost in eyes even in my ears

I’ll never stop calling you my dear….

I scream like I’m hanging myself

Listening to the pain and act like I’m deaf,

Swallow stones missing of saliva

Loving you always really matter,


You can please breath judgment and tell me where I wrote wrong,

With something left in hand I can erase

Tell me my dreams were real,

My foot full of mud 

Walking bare foot I can’t even feel the pain from thorn,

You are mine I always say you’re the reason I was born

Just like a bust bomb you have destroyed my living

Putting pieces together but there’s always your part missing……

Please breath judgment

Your Hello will set a smile in my face

Your Goodbye will break down my daily bases,

Like a tank in yard I always wait for the rain without knowing when it can come

My eyes melt as cry like a beaten drum,

Every mistake cost me pain I’m still walking in that route

Naked as well no cloth

Breath your judgment

So that Heaven can forgive me while I’m on earth

I even lost the map through your heart


I hope when the sun returns you’ll be with me in this shadow of this tree….

As you’ll breath your judgment

Tell me my mistakes.



POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR |20|3





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