When it over





This Poem goes to everyone who have put me through pain…

When my eyes were crushed and melting salt

My head was making a sound of a wind

That moment my heart was moving on an angry wave motion…

WHEN IT OVER what do I do?


[Verse 1]


I have seek time and I found it

I have seek answers but I didn found which one is correct…

Three fellow friends who walks together they have failed while I always keep them,

Eventually they can’t be stopped or either be freezed even a gun itself..

WHEN IT OVER time goes but wasted

I always walk this path I guess if there’s people around they can tell.

Which is pain I been walking with sorrows expecting a better tomorrow..

Hours failed me seconds did the same minutes was an aim

But I never took any fame just same as where I came…

I wish I could freeze time talk back every moment I wasted and much time I waited..

This tears in my failed a calculator when I tried counting drops 

You have slaughtered me without physical touch

You have killed me without handing me a pill,

Take back those words you said I LOVE YOU

You never meant me I wish I saw this early…

Dozen of roses can’t heal this pain sweet sms’s will never take back this tears appearance in this page..


[Verse 2]


WHEN IT OVER speed trap have cast me when love failed me…

Never noticed who tells the truth or lie but everyone claim to be behind…

You were never on my back you did maybe you were gonna see those scars and heal them..

Instead you have just crucified me in the cross of love without nails..

But I still feel the striking of your fist when you were pretending a massage…

Lost passion lost position to this field of love that why I can’t score the good choice…

I came on open doors but I can’t go in the same doors in feels bad to watch those contracts I signed with fully expecting…

WHEN IT OVER that beyond repair and I wasn aware..

When it crushed it beyond repair that what I now know…

Broken claw trying to climb but it hard enough…

This my memorial service please do visit my grave when you still believe..

I have signed love name on my tombstone

Even though it not detailed since I’m not aware of it bornation

But I know how many times it has destroyed me..

WHEN IT OVER my signature on bottom memories enclosed but still the mind wish to chase…




POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR |20|3




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