The moon edited








There’s a night

Pains when it bite

Bark often

This how it has fallen

Shadows that no one 

wanna hide on.

As a night clock

Waiting for a morning

for a cock sound as alert.

Drowning into oceans wave

As I slept late


Was my light when you were


Working to light on I was the boss

Wind sounds blowing the curtain

Stars at the sky doing maintenance

Like streets humps

My heart beat on the sound of thunderstorm

Circle of my body heat as the sun turn back

Soils are the witness of what happen last night

Holes where ants hides 

Where do I have to hide myself

Snakes makes me melt..

I desire the light from the past

I wish you could play my part..

Deceived by the sound of an owl

As the shooting star crawl…

Sinking so deep into illusion I confessed

to fall for the moon..

Bright light every night I wish I knew


Gave me massage

The love from it keeps me in garage

When it puts fuel in this fire…

Loving you still I was never a liar

Foundation still stands

Vows within concrete cracks

Weeds comes within the blocks

But still I stand in this night saying

I am no longer gonna give my back

look at me

Clouds hides me

When the morning come I’ll be your sunshine

THE MOON is what I’m holding on

Promising I’ll never move on



POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR |20|3




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