A father again










The role in extent

Being one of pleasant

I have pledge dynasty

House of pain I’m coming

Wonderful father I’m knocking

Glance to swallow past and be real

Taste of this pot can be sense through nose

Two kids more than a pill to overdose

I’m going to be a father again

Stuck in window shopping

Spend a lot of money by eyes

I have paid yet

I can not wait to welcome you

Could it be a girl

A boy should be Samuel

If it she,I paste the eyes of her mother

If it he,I taste the lies of his father,

A good man I have raised

Like your mom name can bring me luck

Like your dad name can we cherish

Imagination when you struggle walk

Calling me first trying to speak..

I don’t repeat the past

Just wanna be a good father on my part

Push troll when it takes me to shop

Driving your heart when she still hope

Vincent Jr conquer could be founded

A name is given to the conceived

Daily prayers this baby console my words

First second could be it be the third

Brave to take chances never be afraid

Slide into entrepreneur if you can risk

When you are born same in peace…

A father again must be not pain

Your brother is waiting to teach you games

Your mother is assisting to make you

Your father is out there to create empire

I just wanna play my role

Even if takes me on the road

Slow motion defending matters

This poem is one of the letters..




POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR |20|3




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