Poet. Speak









They gave us wheel barrow

Whilst they knew our words in sharp arrow..

Giving us tumbler to drink on

Just to make our souls in thirst..

Loose into blessings turn to curse..

Their words in cuff tide so they temporary speak not loud…

Gave them a dollar with an eye

And they turned to close their eyes because

turned into a pride..

Education made them behave like students

while they have been illuted like Judas..

Gave them human rights to close their places and threatening each other..

Changing prayers convinced from their pastor see our father..

Took one of us with a space ship called it earth relationship …

Jesus Christ denied this to that top of a mountain..

How could I be so wicked

Promises were made to him but that vanity

could not attract him..

Do I blame him,No but he was living in past and future..

Check out committed you’re making according to Matthew..

Life got nothing brand new

Since we still living in Devils edge as we settle for 3G..

He get happy to finish his first page..


They said poetry was dead when Shakespeare died

And we were convinced to say the same not realizing they are stopping us from writing..

Ain’t we poets than why are departing…

From being a soul and turn to flesh 

And be bought in cash…

We were putted in this field to play our part

As Lord is on sideline bible giving coach…

I don’t I wanna take part in reserve instead let me breath this verse..

We on a pitch all we need to do is deliver in certain goals 

As our opponent is Devil let take them with eleven…

POET let just SPEAK



POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR |20|3




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