Black Suit









I am a victim through my color

Some takes for granted..

Afterwards I am black suit

Drawn in power that why I’ll not quit

Go ask Madiba I was there

Biko’s tombstone you can be aware..

Parliament still I exist

Even O’jays could ask for a kiss

Never goodbyes cause I materialize..

Alcoholics I am still on their mask

I can not draw the line


As I stand behind the leaders

They can’t face their battles

Driving on their cars hiding their scars

Otherwise I am not scared

I am loaded bullet through

I clean floors but they wouldn allow me to walk with them….

Prepare their tables but I’m not allowed to sit in the same table

I leave cities dark stealing cables…

Remember Madiba when he was out in prison for being in me was the reason..

Fighting for my freedom

Well all I can say I’m still that AFRICAN

I exist in Americans

Cause I’m a BLACK SUIT

God was a designer for the same creature

For the soul be covered by me

They should have not murdered me…

Marcus Garvey,Martin Luther,Malcolm X,Biko,Sisulu the exist of Mandela…

Street kids wear me without a rain suits or rather umbrella…

Super stars can witness this Nastradamus..

Well I’m still the Buffalo soldier like Marley said

With same color of my hair

Still can’t be treated fair after being wiped in colognes and lotions CLARE..



Hospitals admitted me

Cemetery beneath I dwell

Through parlors I’m hidden in chill..


Freedom or jail, clips inserted, a baby’s bein born

Same time my man is murdered, the beginning and end

As far as rap go,

When life goes Pac took same back door..

Still I exist twisted minds I have come to remind I AM A BLACK SUIT

Wear me with pride not disguise

For the sun it rise I will also climb…


Even on snakes hisses still I taste the ground kisses..

They can call a NIGGER too,after hiding me with their tattoo..

I’m living in this time behind enemy lines

No wonder they always got their guns

Still I rise to those cracks walls


Digging golds so on diamonds I exist with being proud..

Cause myImage black suit go power within under ground..

Even they can eliminate me with my soul

But I rise like I didn know

Black Suit I am a poet anthem



POEM BY. DaSoulstriker


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