Let me breath

Allow me stand and teach

We don’t need a house

For us to stand we do need a ground

We don’t need a shell

As you for you do need me as a man..

Out space caused by secrets

How do we have to keep this

Within a space of love let remove it

Speaking is breathing you are not stupid…

As I rise on your face with some it only one thing can remove it

If we keep secrets

I donate my heart

I pledge my feelings

To make this work we don’t need guns and knifes to make love fear and respect us..

But we need our connection commitment to render this love

We can change the song that be sang by so many heart broken couples..


As we stand for one another remain

I can change the song that sang by everyone out there..

Every man is dog

I can make you change that talk

If only we dig deep and bury secrets

This love belong to our universe

Let make it work without a curse

Let make it a business as soon as we make a profit of feelings..

Let fight behind doors with pillows in bed like kids fighting for sweets.

Like we know we fighting for a sweet thing that I call love…

SECRETS I don’t need them since I don’t have a place to keep them..

There’s only love in white I don’t need any stain..

One day when you feeling weak these words can turn into glucose

Keep them with money in the purse

Since this love is never ending course







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