I am in love with you

Does your heart got doors..

Since I been standing hours

Knocking and knocking…

Let me in I’m homeless

Allow me find a comfort

Allow your heart take part

Some how strangers become


I never covered my face with mask

I’m dirty from pain and dust

I know you never asked..

Seeking your heart through puzzle

You never a game since I can’t 

practice loving you…

But it always comes new

I pray you open your doors

This love turns into a pill could be

on overdose

Choices I made some how hurted me

All I can feel you are not a heart murder

Yet I call you stranger..

I never sensed the danger

Can you be my lover…

Let sing these songs via words

And take them into practice

I have found home in your heart

from love address…

Could I be blocked by those innocent eyes…

Last night I prayed to Jesus Christ

Here it comes you today

I hope it never too late…

Dreadlocks,white innocent eyes,tradition look,chocolate skin,she pose like a magazine model,she speaks poetry language…

All I don’t wanna know is age

Since it aint part of this page..

Hills over head I’m into this stranger

Down on my knees I’m falling…

Catch my breathing I’m loosing..

I am in love with a stranger

That never her name

For love I wouldn blame

I don’t think I’m gonna sleep without entering this paradise pool of love

They say love is the air

That where we met now I confess


Picture this dozen of roses

List of written letters

Billion words mean something

As you mean somebody…

STRANGER we can fly to the moon

We can show them love doesn abuse

I’m thinking out my body

Since I’m loosing my mind…

I’m your present and future so leave pains past behind…

I am in love with a women

Yet still I call her stranger

Reason I never met an angel…

So what good always look strange

Even if I can not have it all

Since I’m living in a small space…

Describe me as a disease since I’m all over you..

I’m falling somebody catch me

If I can’t be with you which means I can not be with people I love..

For yesterday since now






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