A night concert

A night concert







Performances that blows my mind

As she steps into the stage

With her attractive attire

As much she sings down 

I am the only one who can hears

The walls crowded as they paid for what they see

The screaming comes from her voice

As we both share the stage

The song performance is “Love Making”

Unlike cartoons no kids allowed

The roof is on fire

As we both lined up the concert

This mistry day of two lovers

Down fall I please the voice she screams


Well as much there’s a good taste of music I’m the sweet heart..

It you and I on the line up

Call me a good kid

As much as I am teasing you nicely

Stuck on your taste like a bee making it good taste…

Blasting on speakers as springs making noise that fade

In the boxing ring as we calculates rounds

Could be my KO

As much you singing NO

Rocking the stage you my guitar

As much as I am your mic

Touch me like a keyboard to give you that sound you expect…

Sweating like you gonna faint

Comfort on our sail

Wide king stage


A performance of duet

Your voice playing in echos

Nobody hears even on back doors..

This is the reason you’ll wake up with a red inked tattoo..

You can do the same on my body boo..

Performing on light on for the walls to watch the moves

Bumping into springs as we groove..

I’m on my leather jacket 

I told you I can make it rain

I’m afraid you wet your suit

Screaming quit….

I’m your artist as you back this song

Second song might take too long

Doing Sasha Fierce performances

All you need is everything I’m on role

of Carter..




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