This night

This night






The stars are singing night songs

The moon playing guitar..

It would be us so far,

I’m glad you came in this mountain

As we climb to make THIS NIGHT

Waiting a shooting star to appear

And spell wishes in one mouth…

Crowded stars in sky witnessing

What gonna be happening in this hill

By looks we aint alike but hearts makes

us twins

As your heart foot steps makes a rhythm

As I squeeze the milk container

Grinding with on taste tool

I can hear the wind come blowing out

of every hole on your nose…

Smelling love making

Our energy as we doing this covenant

Sheets get blown away stripped naked

Signs positive and negative as we put them together to bring energy as we charge..

You play yours and I play my own part

As you scream I’m alive positive to negative dive…

Negative working hard towards positive as your sign sweat wet

Dancing under the moon until I vomit

THIS NIGHT is our night

Dressed in same making suits 

Different design one maker…

As soon as going down you meet half way since it a heavy load I’m carrying to give to you…

We might bring someone new

Climax moments like car crushes you sqeeze me tight..





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